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What are your thoughts? Your point is well taken, but I would say and I think the Magi Society agrees that a significant transiting planet Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, or Chiron itself that offers a harmonious aspect would soften or possibly help resolve especially if it's Chiron by transit those difficult natal aspects. Thanks, Mitch for your quick reply. I do see transit influence as temporary. The problem is what happens when the transit is over? I think that was one of the most daunting issues i had with Chiron, especially regarding the generations of people I mentioned.

I can see it in my own life how Uranus and Neptune have crippled my Chiron. Again I agree with your view that certain generations show significant patterns that can be catalogued--but I think you've missed a key issue. That is simply the nature of the transit itself: the individual has the power and capacity to rise above the lesson, much like we do with hard natal aspects. Anyone has as much potential to find maturity and character development from a tough transit as much as they can easily just cave in and struggle when such an activity occurs.

I think this is the lesson for our respective generations: yes, this is a broad across-the-board challenge for each new group, but how each generation responds by individual effort is what makes the difference. Magi astrology is real. Without knowing it, the Chiron-Jupiter-Venus conjunction is at work in my life. After studying astrology for years, I can say that magi principles work more than most and with high accuracy even without awareness for people involved.

Truly, the stars and the planets are at work here. Magi astrology works to a very high level of precision. Nothing stands in its way. I have seen it and I'm a very skeptic intuitive astrologer. I almost want to believe that learning the principles of magi astrology is a necessary lifeskill for any individual.

Was searching for an interpretation to help me better understand but no luck. Thanks in advance. Hi Mitch, my chart ruler, Mercury in Pisces at 18 degrees, is conjunct my beloveds Chiron. What would this mean? Lose the Minimum by Nikolai James. For me, this book confirmed the effectiveness of the ideas of Magi Astrology again, more about them later when applied to gambling.

From the introduction:. I have personally won jackpots of hundreds and thousands of dollars due to gambling at the correct astrological times. You can also get a paperback version of this book. I only started reading the book yesterday but already found a good idea. It is about Quintile and Septile aspects:. This makes sense. I will keep reading, and by the time of the next newsletter should be able to give you a more informed opinion about the book. Bear in mind that some books have a promising title but no useful content at all. They are essentially selling their title for a few bucks!

It is cheap, but do not waste your time and money on this one. Now about the Magi Astrology. They do have a website, but it can be misleading as it looks like they are now into financial trading, and this is not why I got interested in them many years ago in the end of the s.

I got responses to my little survey, thank you very much everyone who took part in it! I now know the active part of my audience much better, and will take your feedback into account when working on the coming issues of the newsletter. I am especially grateful for the kind words left by many responders.

They are precious for me, and they help me to keep working on my projects. Once this newsletter will be sent later today, I will write a simple random number generator to pick three of the responders. I will then ask them to choose one of the Lunarium t-shirts on Amazon. I will tell you that in the next issue. Our artist came up with an image for Virgo.

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Please have a look and let me know what you think of it. Home Home Page Offers information about the current moment, including the Moon's Phase, the Sign of the Zodiac the Moon is in, the Moon's Void-of-Course status, the closest apogee and perigee moments, eclipses and retrograde periods of personal planets. Interactive Location Selector Select any location on the Globe. Atmakaraka Calculator Discover your Atmakaraka!

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Planetary Days and Hours You can get planetary hours for any day and any location. Retrograde Planets Information about the retrograde motion of personal planets. All Lunarium Books A complete list of the books written and published by the author of Lunarium. Moon Sign Book A book with a detailed explanation of what the Moon Sign is, with descriptions and many examples of celebrities for each Moon Sign. Void-of-Course Moon Books Everything you need to know about the void-of-course periods. DIY Astrology Books A series presenting various interesting methods and ideas from the traditional astrology that can be used by everyone.

Golden Flying Eagle: When the aspects that create a Flying Eagle include a Cinderella Aspect, then the entire Flying Eagle formation really flies like an eagle when it comes to making money and we call it a Golden Flying Eagle. A Super Linkage exists between 2 persons if one person has an aspect and the 2nd person has a natal planet that matches degrees with both planets that create the aspect, thus forming 2 inter-aspects to the 1st person.

At least one of the inter-aspects must be a linkage.

In the beginning there were major aspects…

It can be formed in 2 ways, but always involves Chiron: 1. One person has a Chiron Aspect, and the other person has a planet that links to Chiron. One person has an aspect, and the other person's Chiron links to one of the planets that form the aspect. All Romantic Super-Linkages are not created equal, but they all involve one person's Chiron linkage in the CAC Combined Alignment Chart , and they all must include a minimum of 3 or more different planets.

The aspects involved in the Romantic Super-Linkage can be conjunctions, trines, oppositions, squares, quincunxes, parallels, and contra-parallels. Moon can also be considered, but only if you are confident that you are working with an exact birth time. Juno is not a consideration for this configuration.

Research done by the Magi Society has repeatedly proven that a couples whose CAC's combined alignment charts feature one or more Romantic Super Linkages , are highly drawn to marry one another, as they could be soul-mates The more Romantic Super Linkages that are present in a chart - the greater the chances of marriage between the couple.

Like any other planet, Chiron is constantly moving as it orbits the Sun. It is at these times that you are in your Cinderella Time and you are most attractive, most charming and most fascinating. During your Cinderella Time , people forgive you for everything. They overlook your faults and you are at the peak of your popularity. It is during your Cinderella Time that you are as irresistible as you can possibly be.

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You can almost walk on air. This is when you have the greatest chance of meeting your Prince Charming, fall in love together and marry him. But as you must have guessed, your Cinderella Gateway is open only for a few times in your life and only briefly each time. Don't miss it. It is crucial that you take advantage of it whenever it occurs in your own life.

By studying the following illustrations of Cinderella's, you can begin to learn how to recognize the opening of your own Cinderella Gateway so you can walk through it before it closes. Please rest assured that the information was - and continues to be - correct. I have taken the time to now provide links for you to follow if you continue to remain confused or have doubts.

You may now review the accuracy of the information objectively, for yourselves. Hopefully this action on my part will clear any doubts and confusion about Cinderella's. Now if I may make a few comments to those of you who are studying Magi Astrology PLEASE take the time to understand the principles behind the Magi teachings, and then things will make so much more sense to you.

Sometimes you must "think outside the box" in order to fully understand the concept behind the teaching.


Chiron of course is key to anyone being recognized, their Public Image, ability to be charismatic and ability to become a Cinderella.. Using commonplace astrology, you would never have been able to see this. As we have said Magi Astrology is remarkably consistent, and useful in all sorts of different contexts. Only the Magi Society has identified how very powerful and important Chiron is with regard to Recognition, MAGIcal levels of Charisma, putting forward a positive Public Image, being seen as Noteworthy, and being thought of as being able to inspire Trust.

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This transit is actually the most powerful Cinderella Transit but it is also the most rare so we did not bring it to your attention until now". Chiron-Uranus " In the field of politics, we have noted in our books and on this website that Uranus, the planet which symbolizes Popularity and Fame is the most important planet. Chiron of course is key to anyone being recognized, their Public Image, ability to be charismatic and ability to become a Cinderella They also enhance earning potential.