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Venus In Astrology. Saturn A Friend Or Foe. Predicting Through Nakshatras Part 2. Authors A V Sundaram. Acharya Ashok Sahajanand. Acharya Dhananjay Sanyasi. Acharya Dilip Kumar. Acharya Mukund Daivagya. Acharya Prem Bhatia. Acharya Vedant Teerth.

Predictive Astrology: An Insight

Akhila Kumar. Arun Kumar Sharma. Ashwani Kumar Bansal. BV Raman.

Lecture by James Braha on Vedic Astrology chart

CM Shrivastava. Dayanand Varma. DP Saxena. Dr Bhojraj Dwivedi. Dr Gauri Shankar Kapoor.

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Dr KS Charak. Dr Manoj Kumar. Dr Narayan Datt Shrimali. Dr Radhakrishan Shrimali.

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Dr Shanker Adawal. Dr Umeshpuri Gyaneshwar. Durga Prasad Shukl. View All Authors. Vedic Remedies In Astrology. To start with the student has been furnished quite a number o.. Second edition of the popular book by the same name, Visti has refined every chapter and expanded the work to include another treasure house of Jyot..

Astrology subject is prevalent all over the world, in different forms, from immemorial times. With present socio-economic globalization the subject of.. Brhat Naksatra English by Sanjay Rath. Starting with the Sapta-loka Mandala and the Tri-nadi Chakra, this book examines naksatra tattva where you would be amazed to find the clue to under..

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This is the book based on the works of Guruji Sri R. Rao in general and specifically an extended version of Transit results of Rao's System of Naa.. Easy to customize Use Ultimo as a starting point for your custom projects. Understanding Vimshottari Dasa. Availability: In stock Regular Price: Rs.

Books - Astrology Best

Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Share. Sample content of the static block - primary column bottom. To fix the possible time of happening of an event in the life of an individual is a difficult matter.

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Vimshottari dasa is a commonly used tool to do it. Parashar has given several dasas but he has himself expressed his view that of all dasas Vimshottari is the most suited one for our times. It is a very commonly used dasa among astrologers today. It is essential to be clear about the principles involved and about the practice of those principles. These principles are universally applicable.

The dasa gives astoundingly correct results when applied strictly according to these principles. The author has stated the principles very clearly. The reader will realize the ease with which this dasa can successfully be used when it is applied according to the principles stated in this book. A very large number of real life charts have been analysed in the book to clarify the few principles that are involved. Primary Direcctions,by Martin Gansten,chapter on Hyleg. This sounds good! How in depth is it? The books ISBN number is There is an interesting introduction,followed by chapters covering theory,philosophy of directions,theory of celestial sphere,methods of calculation and judgement of effects of arc etc.

About a quarter of the book is Astronomical and Mathematical tables. The book I would choose,pre computer prog' days. I think Nova was one of the first progs' to compute a "Speculum".