Moon gemini compatibility

Getting into feelings or even just being carried away — that could never happen to you! At least not if it can be avoided.

Your environment will certify a high degree of emotional intelligence. For others, in emotional terms you can be an excellent advisor and sometimes a great help when it comes to analyzing and dissolving emotional entanglements. They themselves endeavor to deal with sad or frustrating situations with the intellect, that is, more with the head than with the belly. Sometimes you escape into a kind of emotional superficiality that protects you from emotional shock, but at the same time makes your her life a matter of the head.

Under such a form of distancing your quality of life suffers. Even in love, you are initially open and curious. You want to try a lot, but you are also looking for intense feelings — but you want to avoid the danger of being hurt, which is why you often cannot really get involved or even commit yourself. You may be tempted to separate sex and love, and to seek contacts that will allow you to eroticize and let off steam, but that will not lead to emotional dependence or commitment.

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You would like to have a partner with whom you can exchange ideas spiritually, you love talking about common interests. Above all, you need a counterpart who listens to you and if possible shares your view of things. This gives you the feeling of being perceived and accepted. For you, life is full of interesting possibilities and new things that you would like to get to know and try out.

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Not only must your partner understand this, but it should also be reflected in your professional life. At work you want to exert your mind, research and discover.

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Since it is difficult for you to commit yourself to a narrow field of expertise — because there are so many other interesting topics left out — you feel most comfortable with a versatile work in which you can at best even with many people. They would like to continue to learn, to learn and to pass on their knowledge. Such a hunger for knowledge and information can also lead to lack of focus and dispersion. So sometimes you might seem a bit scared and forgetful — but your head was just busy with something more important.

Their urge for constant stimulation and employment can sometimes also be a strategy of distracting unpleasant emotions, or of being afraid of loneliness and boredom. Rest and loneliness — longed for by many others — are not for you. Your energy does not allow silence, you relax better when you can plunge into the colorful life.

Children with Moon Gemini are restless and lively. They usually learn to speak early and babble and babble a lot. They are not so attached to their mothers on a physical level, they usually fled early and are easily detached from their parents. They are not so easy to calm down over the emotional level; read long conversations and stories show here more success. The child is usually precocious, brisk, intelligent and smart as it plays the adult.

Gemini Moon Compatibility: Charming and Child-Like

The opposite is also possible, the child fidgets and cannot concentrate and can be distracted. People with moon in Gemini experienced their mother mostly talkative and carefree. She had a cheerful mind that could solve problems cleverly and skillfully. She was ready to be interested in and hear her child. But she probably felt restless, too, had an answer to everything, and perhaps too often just talked the child too well without really taking a deep breath.

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They have to let it out. Unfortunately, because it is the moon's nature to act in a self-protective manner, they easily slip into situations where they use gossip and information to further themselves even if it's at the expense of others. Again, this isn't necessarily planned and thought through beforehand. It is the quick, clever, restlessness that leads them into these behaviors. Some Gemini suns are more talkative and social than others, but regardless, there is always a dry, wryness about them.

They are critical and can't resist expressing their criticisms because it is a way to demonstrate their intelligence. Gemini moons are more cynical than critical, due to the moon's need for self-protection. They notice things and put them together just like the Gemini sun, but the self-protective nature of the moon uses these skills to guard against harm.

Gemini suns experience this dynamic on a much more shallow level. They are more likely to talk about it and call people out when they sense dishonesty or notice an error. Whereas the Gemini moon is more likely to make a plan to either protect themselves or retaliate. When they speak about it, it is done indirectly to gain more information.

Moon Sign Compatibility in Astrology

With the mutable, air sign of the zodiac as the sign of the deepest, most sensitive and emotional planet of the chart, Gemini moons are truly light, easy-going people. Despite their tendency to be distrustful, they move through emotional situations quickly, even when they are threatened.

And if they sometimes scheme, they still prefer to find the quickest way out of any threatening situation so they can move on to more interesting things. Gemini suns, on the other hand, want to appear easy-going and nonchalant but it isn't necessarily their true nature. The Gemini sun person who has an emotional moon sign, for example, will end up expressing their negative emotions of their moon through their Gemini sun's sharp tongue, which is far from appearing easy-going. They can drag out emotional situations with a lot of discussion, and persist until they prove they are "right", which again, is not easy-going behavior.

This demonstrates the essential between any sun and moon sign. The moon sign simply is , while the sun sign strives to be.

Taurus Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The Aries sun is much more measured and restrained than the Click to read article. It is much easier to pick a Libra sun out of a crowd than a Libra moon. Her partner must be ready to listen, and respond. The Shadow side of this Moon can be nervous and unsettled, with moods that flicker all over the emotional spectrum. Talking will never be a problem with these two, but communicating might. Gemini and Gemini may end up surfing a stream of superficial chatter, without really getting to know each other. In order to develop true intimacy, they will need to slow down, focus and commit to the lengthy process of a relationship.

In many ways, Sun and Moon in Gemini make better friends than lovers. Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world.